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About us

About the Organization

Lifeline Somalia initiative is an organization composed of young leaders of Somali origin, third and forth generation born and living in Diaspora, and those who migrated and settled in the west and Somali intellectuals men and women.. LSI is located in Eastland's part of Nairobi.
Who decided to come up with unique peace forum to open new chapter in the history of Somalia free from tribalism and break all tribal barriers.
LSI was started to meet the social needs of the young people living in the diasporas and those who are living in areas wholly affected by civil war and both physical and natural causes to negative effects on human lives.
Lifeline Somalia initiative acts as a channel through which the governments and other organizations (local and international) can reach the communities for development and participation in Nation building as well as conducting Awareness concerning alarming issues like HIV/AIDS pandemic, violence, Child abuse and labor, Human rights, Terrorism and Millennium Development goals.

i) Background
In both developed and developing countries, the challenge is to develop effective policies and programmes that reduce the prevalence of human rights abuse this has greatly affected the youths upbringing and modeling them to be future celebs and responsible adults.
From statistics, our country's population over 60% is youth make, For several years of consultations, dialogues and investigations conducted by LSI staff (drawn from both Kenyan Somali origin and those who are living in Somalia and the Western countries and our Kenyan brothers and sisters) over certain pressing, key issues that was identified after a baseline, feasibility study and survey was carried out to determine the negative impacts it had on one individual and communities generally.
The baseline survey results was in fact very worrying and pushed us to carry strategies of intervention to stop these human violations.
ii) Project Overview
Human rights advocacy & community transformation project seeks to enlighten the youths through creation of awareness on effects of :
Insecurity and small arms danger
Poverty eradication and job creation
Human trafficking
Terrorism and global threats
Female genital mutilation to the girl child
Gender equality
Raping and Domestic violence
Drugs abuse
LSI believes these are the dominant issues that can retard youths enlightenment.
Feasibility/Case study
The Need for Training/Educating Youths on Reforms and transformation
The Statistics
In many countries in the world the majority of 60% of the population is under 35 years of age. At the same time in these countries youth and young adults generally have a low place in society. Youth culture is only a recent phenomenon in many majority world countries (maybe in the last 5 to 15 years) and this means that society and adults have not had much time to gain an understanding or awareness on national issues on politics. Too often, there is the expectation that young people should just think and act as the adults did when they were younger. That is why many leaders never mentor young people to positions of leadership.
There is also a general lack of understanding about the role the youths should play in nation building so as to participate in fully and after a feasibility study we have done, many youths in Kenya and Somalia are either not informed or informed wrongly because of politicians and tribal influence.
Youth Culture
The present youth culture is similar to previous youth generations but there are many differences from previous generations. This is more than just taste in music and clothing but it is more to do with some national issues knowledge, values, lifestyle, and attitudes.
Questioning (what is valid and what is real)
Relational (friends before family)
Seeking after truth and reality (can easily spot people that are fake and unreal)
Experiential (if I cant feel and experience it then it isn’t real)
Access to information (they want it now and they want to know it all)
Consumerism and affluence (they are exposed to all that is available in the world through media and they want to share in what they see)
Hope for the future (even among the uncertainty of this time)
Self navigation
Lack of trust in institutions (they will trust people before institutions)
Why train Youths
Young people are like a totally different culture to adults. Young people are influenced in life differently than adults and their choices and decision making processes of young people are very different. They rely much more on friends and the influence of media around them and because young people have intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual needs then this knowledge will find a space in them.
Young people see their faith as a journey and a process and they change because of experiencing knowledge in action in life rather than just because of teaching and expectations. Because they gain faith in this way they need people who can walk alongside them. That is why young people respond to people who are able to enter their world and understand their needs, issues and ways of thinking
As young people do not learn and gain their knowledge the same way as adults and because they have different needs then the nation needs people who have a passion and a calling to work with young people. It cannot just be someone who wants a position or someone who just happens to offer their time, it needs people who are willing to be there for young people.
i. Determine current status of communities in the intervention areas of: provision of data and information on human violation.
ii. project outcome indicators, increased ability to assess the management and livelihoods status impact as well as improve the quality and effectiveness of project implementation.
iii. To bring the youths of our communities together to enhance and promote peace by using all forms of arts and creativities through fine arts, cartoons, animation, dramas, documentaries, films, songs, video clips, and engaging them in this community outreach campaign to make them participate in order to reach all peer groups.
iv. Train the youths on desire and purpose to aim higher things
v. Promote affiliation and partnership with other organizations that are helping youths.
vi. Forming a survey platform for the future generations and restoration of the country.
viii. Offering advisory techniques on career and self employment.
Introducing a long-term and viable foundation for many to get awareness on risks of crime involvement.
Our country is potential with zealous youths who want to progressively get involved on nation building activities.
With several government launched projects we believe this project is a boost to empowerment for our youths.
The projects seeks to expose the hidden talents and engage all the youths in serious self reliance.
and to unite under the umbrella of peace and to support and join the peace makers around the globe and to preach and scarify for the sake of peace.
to fulfill our aim and goal which is to freeing the world from hatred, wars and terrorist.
anybody can be a member of LSI, any peace loving men and women no matter where you live or what religion you believe in, as long as you value peace, if there is no peace none of us will exist and the future will be doom .
together we can save the world for the children of the world.

a) Research and strategy
After the case study, we have developed an intervention strategy. The aims of the strategy are as follows:
1.Create awareness and Train youths through Developing and producing culturally sensitive campaign materials.
2.Beef up efforts by other organizations in fight against youths involvement in negative activities, which hinders development.
3.Conduct sharing of experience workshops involving all people of different religion including Jews, Muslims, Christian, Hindus and Sikhs and local groups so as to reach all the youths to get a better understanding on community transformation around the globe.