Don't join any of these group ISIS, Al Qaida, Al Shabab and Boko haram these are human traffickers

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Love Scammer's $2 Million Swindle | A Current Affair Australia

Man breaks silence on wife's attempt to have him killed | A Current Affair

الاردني عمر العياصره يهين بن زايد و بن سلمان و السيسي و يتهمهم بمحاربه ا...

Woman served oven cleaner at restaurant | A Current Affair

عأاأجل (الرايات الصفر والسود) تظهر فى شمال افريقيا الايام القادمة

Russia, Turkey blast US move to recognise Golan Heights as Israeli

���� Australia: Slaving Away | 101 East

Forbidden love nearly cost me $150,000 | A Current Affair Australia

Real Life Scam: Homeless Man | The Real Hustle

David Goldstein Investigates: Roofers Scamming Thousands Out Of Customer...

Shame: Wood Flooring Company Scam (Lumber Jane)

Dateline AC Repair Investigation - Chris Hansen 2/2

Dateline AC Repair Investigation - Chris Hansen 2/2

Plumbing Scam Investigation - Dateline NBC

Plumber charges $230,000 for blocked toilet | A Current Affair

5 African Nations Most in Debt to China | China Uncensored

Camp Arsehole Hell

Camp Arsehole Hell

Plumber charges $230,000 for blocked toilet | A Current Affair

China Behavior Rating System V/S Sweden Microchip implants | Must watch ...

5600 Stores CLOSING Down in Massive Nationwide SHUTDOWN of American Busi...

Being a Survivor of Male Child Sexual Abuse | Harish Iyer | TEDxCRCE

Witness: Illuminating the World of Modern-day Slavery: Lisa Kristine at ...

I am human, not cattle. | Jennifer Kempton | TEDxColumbus

Slavery still exists. Here's how to end it. | Richard Lee | TEDxCapeMay

Justice for child victims of sexual exploitation: Jessica Munoz at TEDxH...

Breaking the shackles of modern-day slavery | Cameron Harris | TEDxUGA

Hiding in plain sight - modern day slavery in the heartland: Kris Wade a...

Modern slavery, hidden in plain sight | Kate Garbers | TEDxExeter

Modern slavery of disabled people in South Korea | Unreported World

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

What is the human cost to China's economic miracle? | Head to Head

Anti-Muslim Group Member Meets Syrian Refugees And Changes Opinion

AIPAC ignores Nazis; attacks Ilhan Omar

Strange Things Happening In Saudi Arabia - Erdogan Knows About It!

Unreported World- Nigeria: Sex, Lies and Black Magic

Rose Siggins: The Woman With Half a Body | Extraordinary People Document...

Doodda Cali Khaliif iyo Dastuurka Somaliland

Prof Axmed Ismaaciil Samatar oo Madal aqooneed is waydaarsaday Dhalinyarada