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Friday, December 16, 2016

Black people need to stop doing these 5 things

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Britain's Biggest Brood (Parenting Documentary) - Real Stories

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The fun side of Kenyan cops - The Wicked Edition 001

History Channel Ripley Believe it or Not BBC Documentary 2015 YouTube

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Ku Klux Klan - A Secret History - Documentary 2016

Is it the End of the World - For Real This Time?

Strange Conspiracies

Let's be honest, every September of every year, someone somewhere makes a YouTube video about how the world is going to end in the month of September. It's really interesting. You can google end of the world, 2011, 2012, 2013, etc etc and you will see there is a video every year.

I am going to start by saying I don't want the world to end. I believe there is good in all races and religions, they just need to throw out dogmas, and learn to coexist. The final frontier will never be conquered if we end up destroying ourselves. I think Russia, China, the USA all know this deep down inside. I am not saying we are all the best of friends, but no one wants to destroy the Earth, and now we are finally educated enough to know the consequences of that action. All of us.

This doesn't stop YouTubers though. According to the new videos about this September we are going to have a global climate change, (and not because of global warming) This climate change will be the direct effect of a polar shift. My first thoughts on this theory is that, the people I know from the news etc, can't even predict the correct path of hurricanes, much less a near earth object (NEO), or an extinction level event (ELE). Instead I rely on our ancient past, and what they left behind, like the great pyramids of Giza, and see that we have have had no extinction event in our immediate past. All of the nuclear fallout mankind has EVER experienced, has been a direct result of our own doing. Still you have people that say there is a 9th planet moving in an elliptical orbit and wipes us all out every 3600 years. This can literally be proven wrong by looking at the pyramids, geological bedrock information never lies. We can even tell you how Egypt looked back then based on the erosion markings on the side of the Sphinx.

I am not saying that we won't have an extinction level event in our lifetime. I am just saying it doesn't happen every 3600 years, I think it happens every 10,000-20,000 years. Now I don't have proof of this of course, but let's take a moment to think of what mankind as a whole would do if there was a meteor/asteroid/planetoid on a collision course with our Earth. Once visible with our telescopes in space, the governments, and military will know before any of the citizens. Do you think they will make an announcement? Highly doubtful. It seems more likely that they would try to build an ark deep underground, wait for all the chaos to ensue, and then come back up once the slate has been wiped clean. We have stories of this in the bible, ancient Sumer, and even from Plato in 360 B.C (the lost city of Atlantis).

Why haven't we found the lost city of Atlantis? We are the lost city. Once the Earth was wiped out previously, selected groups went underground, and they waited for the Earth to calm down before they came back up, they then separated into smaller groups recolonizing the world. So why aren't we more advanced? Simple. Our knowledge was lost with our ancestors, one lifetime, one group, is not enough to teach all we know and understand to the next generation. Things get lost, and we had to make all of our scientific discoveries all over again. This was their mistake, we cannot make the same mistake again.
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Friday, December 2, 2016

No, The Government Will Not Pay You To Marry An Icelander


Photos by
Ted Murphy/Creative Commons/Google Maps

Published July 1, 2016

A widely-circulated hoax article is making claims that has provoked bemusement and bewilderment on Icelandic social media.
Over at least the past week now, numerous Icelandic women on Facebook have attested to being practically spammed with friend requests from non-Icelandic men that they do not know. It turns out that this may be linked to this article, which makes the following claim:
“Perhaps the most prominent of our attention the story that it’s because of the high proportion of females than males have resorted government of that country to the solution is to grant $ 5,000 per month per immigrant marries Icelandic, and that the priority in this resolution will go to North Africa’s population”
In case you were in doubt, everything about this claim is false.
First of all, the latest population data actually shows slightly more men than women in Iceland, with 1,007 men for every 1,000 women in general; in Reykjavík, there are 985 men for every 1,000 women, but in the countryside the ratio is 1,129 men for every 1,000 women.
Second, the Icelandic government absolutely does not have any kind of grant in place for immigrants who marry Icelanders, regardless of gender.
As such, if you do want to marry an Icelander, you should do so without the expectation of a cash payout, because none will be forthcoming.

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Thousands of African men fooled into believing Iceland will pay $5000 for them to marry women from there

In South Africa Today

Iceland’s Foreign Ministry has received dozens of inquiries from men interested in taking up the Icelandic government’s offer of $5,000 to marry an Icelandic woman and make up for the lack of men in the country.
Unfortunately for the interested gentlemen, news of the exciting offer is a not-so-elaborate hoax posted on a website called ‘The Spirit Whispers’.
“Because of the high proportion of females than males have resorted government of that country to the solution is to grant $ 5,000 per month per immigrant marries Icelandic,” reads the article, in decidedly ropy English.
Priority apparently goes to men from North Africa, but all those “interested in this offer” were encouraged to leave a comment under the article.
Despite the exceedingly questionable nature of the posting, dozens of men have reportedly contacted Iceland’s Foreign Ministry to get more information on this too-good-be-true offer.

Every enquiry has been personally answered – obviously to the effect that the piece is a complete hoax and that there is absolutely no initiative in place to pay foreign men to come to Iceland and marry local women.

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New Details in Child Abuse Death

CBS 58

Posted: Dec 02, 2016 4:43 AM Updated: Dec 02, 2016 4:43 AM

CBS 58— So many questions remain in the homicide of a 7-year-old boy, who police say was abused.
Trevion Winningham was taken to the hospital on Tuesday with numerous injuries. He died just a few hours later. Four people have been arrested: two women for physical abuse of a child and two men for not doing anything to stop it.
One of the women in Trevion’s death was convicted back in 2003 of child neglect causing death. A child abuse expert says it points out a shortcoming of the system.
“One of the things that we learned from reviewing child abuse cases, is often there was a report by someone,” said Susan Conwell, the executive director of Kids Matter Inc.
Conwell, who is no involved in Trevion’s case, says what happens after the report needs to improve.
“I do think one of the real struggle's we're having in this community is that we're not always identifying escalation in abuse,” Conwell said. “I think the hardest part is when somebody has a history of abuse and then they abuse another child.”
Court records show the previously convicted women was found guilty in the death of a 1-year-old boy, after investigators say the baby was tortured for nearly two weeks.
The 2003 criminal complaint details the child’s injuries saying, "the left arm of the baby was broken in two separate places." He also had bruises and marks covering his entire body including "bruises between the eyes."
The woman was sentenced to just 18 months in prison, and four years extended supervision, which ended in 2008.
“Obviously it's devastating,” Conwell said of the boy’s death. “That's something we have to get a lot better at preventing.”
Conwell says there are signs of abuse to watch for-- unexplained or untreated bruises and injuries. For very young kids, Conwell says the rule is "if they aren't cursing, they aren't bruising" meaning kids that aren't mobile, rarely injure themselves.
“I just want to encourage people to continue to be vigilant on behalf of kids,” Conwell said.
If you suspect a child is being abused there are several resources. The National Child Abuse Hotline is staffed 24/7 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453).
In Milwaukee County you can call 414-220-SAFE (7233).
For more ways to report- click here.

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Child sex abuse inquiry 'hands police 80 cases a month'


  • 1 December 2016
  • From the section UK
Drusilla Sharpling
Image copyright PA
Image caption Drusilla Sharpling said accounts of abuse given to the inquiry can be passed to police anonymously
An average of 80 child sex abuse cases a month have been referred to police over the last year following victims' testimony to an independent inquiry.
The cases emerged as part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA).
Drusilla Sharpling, from the inquiry's panel, said it was not known whether all of the allegations were new.
The figures were revealed as the inquiry's Truth Project published its first report.
The project was set up to enable victims to speak anonymously to the inquiry and has attracted interest from 500 people wanting to share their experience, the IICSA said.
It said referrals to the dedicated police team were a result of written submissions and reports received by the inquiry as well as evidence given to the Truth Project.
The cases are being handed to Operation Hydrant, the national body coordinating investigations of non-recent sexual abuse of children between police forces.

'You're just scum'

Anonymous summaries of 45 accounts given to the inquiry have been published, recounting abuse in unnamed religious institutions, schools and care homes.
The accounts include:
  • 'Tina' who was groomed by a married teacher who went on to rape her every night. She said the abuse destroyed her personality
  • 'Greg' who was abused by a priest. He considered killing himself and said he was left "an emotional wreck"
  • 'Joe' who was abused in a custodial institution by a staff member who told him: "You do what I want, nobody cares about you. You're just scum. You can disappear"
  • 'Martin' who was abused by someone linked to his church, causing psychological damage throughout his life. He said "instead of heading towards the cliff edge" he had "managed to pull myself out of it"

Ms Sharpling said: "It would be rare, in my experience, not to make a referral from the Truth Project because most people are coming to report child sexual abuse and that is a crime.
"Where somebody reports child sexual abuse they are clearly reporting a criminal offence. Our terms of reference require us to report those matters to the police.
"We can do so anonymously if that person wishes."
Participants called for the inquiry to recommend a legal requirement for professionals to report child abuse, better training for those working in institutions, and better counselling for victims.
One said: "I think that we need to stop sweeping child abuse under the carpet and take away the stigma."

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