Don't join any of these group ISIS, Al Qaida, Al Shabab and Boko haram these are human traffickers

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

State of Alert Israel style - (vpro backlight documentary - 2017)

Why There is No Country for Native American Indians

Neuroscience doesn't explain fewer women in leadership positions – brain...

Opiate withdrawal

Drug ‘distributors are nothing more than pill pushers’ – America’s Lawyer

Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict

Top 10 Most Abused Prescription Drugs

Pill Overkill: America’s painkiller epidemic

Cycle: An Addiction Story

American Epidemic: The Nation's Struggle With Opioid Addiction

Ciidamo Cadaan Haybtooda aan la garanayn oo Ciidanka Qaranka lagu dhex a...

Radio Kulmiye oo soo bandhigtey Fadeexad in la musuqmasuqey Cidankii Tur...

Deg deg Wasiir Cabdiraxman oo xaley ku geeeriyooday Maraykanka Warka Sub...

In India There Is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch

Heroes | Restoring Faith in Humanity | 2017 | Episode 2

Real Life Heroes | That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity Compilation 3

You will cry after watching this video !

Poor Kids (Documentary) - Real Stories- poor child life india - heart ...

Durga Productions - "PMR India" a documentary about slums in Delhi, Chil...

Monday, August 14, 2017

Daawo:-- Hooyo Siweyn Uga Deyrisay Nolosha Caruurta Darbijiifka Ah

The Most Mysterious Strange Places on Earth NatGeo Documentary | The Kru...

Poison FOODS | The Unseen Assasin Documentary 2017

Karl Rove criticizes Trump's statement on Charlottesville

Charlottesville day after rallies

Rallies held nationwide in support of Charlottesville

Rallies held nationwide in support of Charlottesville

Pundits hit Trump over Charlottesville

Swamp Watch: Saudi Arabia

Car drives through crowd of Charlottesville protesters

USA: NYC rallies in solidarity with Charlottesville

USA: Unite the Right organiser shutdown after blaming Charlottesville ch...

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Maxaa Xal U Ah Qabyaalada Waxa Ino Jawabaya sheekheena Aynu Dar Ilaahay...

Hadaawan Waa Muuqaal Qalbi Xanuun Badan xaalada nololeed ee darbi jifta


Laba Iyo Toban Wasiir Oo Ka Tirsan Maamulka Hirshabeele Ayaa Is Casilay

DEG DEG Mukhtaar Roobow o Hada muqdisho ka Dagay MD Farmaajo iyo sarakii...

RT’s special coverage of violent Charlottesville rally, deadly car plowi...

Charlottesville crash suspect identified

Rally in US city of Charlottesville turns deadly as car rams into counte...

Charlottesville Alt-Right Rally Turns VIOLENT! MASS PROTESTS! *Compilati...

Trump urges Americans to ‘rise’ above hatred, bigotry

Virginia governor tells white supremacists to ‘Go home’

Armenia: Life in a Suitcase - Al Jazeera World

Secret World of Hasidism


North Korea Through the Eyes of Witnesses

Orphaned and homeless in North Korea

North Korea's malnourished orphans point to scale of humanitarian crisis...

North Korean children at orphanages need food - Mission East is helping

Hannah's Story (Award-winning documentary)

China's Stolen Children (EMMY NOMINATED DOCUMENTARY) - Real Stories

Kenya coming back to normalcy after the recently concluded general elect...

منوعات الآن | زلازل مدمرة في #الصين

Foreign inmates: Ann Birunji from Uganda in Langata Maximum women's prison

Kenyans, Ugandans react to Kenya's provisional presidential results

SPECIAL REPORT: Kenyatta returns home

Strictly Kosher (Jewish Culture Documentary) - Real Stories

Are North Korea and United States Started TALKING?

KTN Senior reporter Duncan Khaemba speaks after being released from poli...

Close to 40 people injured following protests after announcement of elec...

KNCHR and Red Cross confirm that 24 people from bullet wounds related to...

XOG:Magaalada toronto o noqotay magaalo ay isku dilaan soomaalida



Is Kenya's democracy in danger?

Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children

Orphans of Nkandla (BAFTA WINNING DOCUMENTARY) - Real Stories

اشتباكات بين الشرطة الأمريكية وأنصار اليمين في فرجينيا

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Friday, August 11, 2017

Syria: Idlib locals try to regain normality

Besieged Syria town swaps meat for mushrooms

Breaking News Today 8/10/17 , MR President sends New warning to North Korea

Child fighter with AK 47 on Syria border

Trump doubles down on North Korea, attacks McConnell (Entire remarks)

Trump: Let's see what North Korea does about Guam

Amarka Madaxweynaha ee Toogashada Askarigii Dilay Wasiir Cabaas Maxaa Ho...

Hooyo waalatay, markii wiilkeeda la dilay

Goobjooge ka hadlay qaraxii Wadada Maka Al Mukarama ka dhacay

Too Young to Wed: The Secret World of Child Brides

Multiple Husbands | National Geographic

Surprise! One woman has several husbands in Indian village

husband married his wife mother In Nepal By Birendra km

Women take multiple husbands in Nepal

From Child, To Bride, To Mother Right Time Marriage In Nepal

Relatives recognize Russian children stranded in Iraqi orphanage after R...

Hidden Connections: Climate Change & Child Marriage in Bangladesh (All ...

Bangladesh Child Marriage (A documentary by BBC's Angus Crawford)

Epidemic of Child Marriage in Bangladesh

Epidemic of Child Marriage in Bangladesh

Friday, August 4, 2017

INVASION - The Dark Reality Of The Migrant Scam Part One

INVASION - The Dark Reality Of The Migrant Scam Part Two

Televangelist Gilbert Deya to face child trafficking and abduction charges

‘I was raped 1,716 hours before I was 12 years old”

PEDOGATE - Norway Exposes Horrifying Child Sex Trafficking

The Story of Your Enslavement

The forgotten children: Sex-trafficking in America

Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery

Modern Day Slavery - Full Episode