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Friday, September 11, 2015

UpFront - Is al-Qaeda a myth?

India urges Saudi Arabia to cooperate after reports diplomat raped servants


Authorities ask Saudi ambassador to help police investigation into reports of abuse that have strained diplomatic relations
The building where a Saudi Arabian diplomat is believed to have an apartment at Caitriona Towers in the Ambience Lagoon complex in Gurgaon                                            Indian police are investigating claims a Saudi official who enjoys diplomatic immunity repeatedly raped his two Nepalese maids in his home close to New Delhi. Photograph: Chandan Khanna/AFP/Getty Images in Delhi
Authorities in India have asked the Saudi Arabian ambassador in Delhi to cooperate in an ongoing police investigation into charges that one of the kingdom’s senior diplomats in the city repeatedly raped and abused two domestic servants who were held captive in his luxury apartment.
Earlier this week police raided the diplomat’s residence in the satellite town of Gurgaon where, they have told reporters, they found two Nepali women employed as maids. The police later opened an inquiry into allegations made by the two women that they had been held against their will, denied food and water, beaten, and repeatedly raped by up to seven men at a time over a period of several weeks. Investigators now want to interview the main accused who has reportedly taken refuge in the Saudi embassy.
Vikas Swarup, an Indian government spokesperson, said: “[The Ministry of External Affairs] called in [the] Saudi ambassador and conveyed the request of [the] police for cooperation of the embassy in the case of two Nepali citizens.”
The Saudi Arabian embassy has issued a statement denying all the allegations, describing them as “completely baseless”, and has lodged an official complaint about the raid on the apartment which it says was a breach of diplomatic privilege.
On Thursday, demonstrators gathered outside the Saudi embassy shouting slogans calling for the prosecution of the diplomat.
Leaked details of medical assessments of the two women published in local media in India – which appear to corroborate the allegations of abuse – will increase the pressure on Indian authorities to continue the inquiry, despite the diplomatic damage to relations with Saudi Arabia.
The ambassador of Nepal has also formally requested a thorough and rapid inquiry into the case.
Both women came from remote rural parts of Nepal and were sent to Saudi Arabia as domestic servants by human traffickers before returning to Delhi with their new employer, NGO workers assisting the pair said.
Such networks send thousands of women to India from Nepal, and hundreds at least to the Gulf, every year.
The affair is a diplomatic dilemma for Delhi. Senior Indian officials will be acutely aware that Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India, is due to travel to Saudi Arabia later in the year. Modi has repeatedly called for better relations between the emerging economic power and the resource-rich states of the Gulf. Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest suppliers of oil to India and hosts more than 2 million Indian workers.
However another key plank of Modi’s foreign policy is improving relations with Nepal, where India is seeking to counter growing Chinese influence.
The Times of India, a local newspaper, said “the diplomat has to go, one way or another.”
“If the Saudis don’t defuse the situation by taking their diplomat home, the Indian government would find itself compelled to declare him persona non grata and expel him,” the newspaper said.


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FBI: Australian Islamic State online jihadist actually a Jewish American troll

Joshua Ryne Goldberg turns out not to be a convert to Islam at all, but a kid playing around on the computer who got in over his head. It’s not at all uncommon for people to pretend to be other people on the Internet. For Joshua Ryne Goldberg it all probably started out as a game: could he fool Muslims and non-Muslims alike into believing him to be a serious, knowledgeable, committed jihadist? He could. But it proved to be a dangerous game, in which he colluded with and encouraged jihad mass murderers. And when he posted photos of a supposed pressure cooker bomb he was claiming to build, the question becomes, was he going to follow through? Was he going to keep up his jihad act even to the extent of setting off a bomb? Or had his little game just gotten terribly, terribly out of hand?
Joshua Ryne Goldberg
An update on this story. “FBI says ‘Australian IS jihadist’ is actually a Jewish American troll named Joshua Ryne Goldberg,” by Elise Potaka and Luke McMahon, The Age, September 11, 2015 (thanks to Michael):
A 20-year-old whose online identity was ‘Australi Witness’ – an ISIS agent apparently living in Perth – has been arrested at his parents’ place in Florida over plotting a bomb attack at a 9/11 memorial event.
A young Jewish American man has been charged with pretending to be an Australian-based Islamic State jihadist after a FBI joint investigation with the Australian Federal Police based on information provided by Fairfax Media.
Joshua Ryne Goldberg, a 20-year old living at his parents’ house in US state of Florida, is accused of posing online as “Australi Witness,” an IS supporter who publicly called for a series of attacks against individuals and events in western countries.
In recent days Australi Witness has claimed online that he is working with other jihadists to plan attacks in Australia and the United States. He distributed pictures of a bomb that he was working on with “2 lbs of explosives inside”.
A device which appears to resemble a 'pressure cooker bomb', similar to the type of explosive used in the Boston Marathon Bombings.The device appears to resemble a “pressure cooker bomb”, similar to the type of explosive used in the Boston Marathon attack.
Early on Friday, Australian time, Goldberg, who is non-Muslim and has no real-world links with extremism, was arrested at his home by Florida police for “distribution of information relating to explosives, destructive devices, and weapons of mass destruction”.
Australian national security and citizenship laws were strengthened last year to create a new offence of advocating terrorism, partly to stop online recruitment of jihadists, and Prime Minister Tony Abbott earlier this year allocated significant funding to security agencies because “too many Australians are being brainwashed online by this death cult”.
However, one of those apparent representatives of Islamic State has now been revealed as an America-based, non-Muslim online hoaxer.
The Australian Federal Police do not intend to apply for Goldberg’s extradition, but said in a statement that he faced a 20-year prison term if convicted.
“Investigations by the AFP in June 2015 established no initial threat to the Australian community. When investigations determined it was likely the person responsible for these threats was based in the United States, the investigation became the jurisdiction of the FBI, with the AFP in a support role.”
AFP Acting Deputy Commissioner National Security Neil Gaughan alleged Goldberg had “relied on the internet providing a cloak of anonymity”.
“This operation again highlights how law enforcement can investigate people in the online space and use our long-established partnerships to work with overseas agencies to bring people to account for their actions”.
An affidavit sworn at the time of the arrest says that, between August 19 and August 28, Mr Goldberg “distributed information pertaining to the manufacturing of explosives, destructive devices, or weapons of mass destruction in furtherance of an activity that constitutes a Federal crime of violence”.
US Attorney Lee Bentley III, said Goldberg instructed a confidential source how to make a bomb similar to two used in the Boston Marathon bombings two years ago that killed three people and injured more than 260 others.
He allegedly instructed someone how to fill the bomb with nails, metal and other items dipped in rat poison.
Police base the charge on his communication of five web links to sites that provided instructions that could be used to make explosives as part of a plot to explode a bomb on September 13 at a memorial ceremony in Kansas City, commemorating the 9/11 the terrorist attacks.
The affidavit, released by Special agent William Berry of US Customs and Border Protection, says that Goldberg had initially denied to officers that he had any involvement with distributing information on how to make a bomb, but then later admitted it.
“Goldberg further admitted that he believed the information would create a genuine bomb,” Agent Berry alleged.
However, Goldberg also claimed that he meant for the person he was communicating with to either kill himself creating the bomb or, that Goldberg intended to warn police in time so that he would receive “credit for stopping the attack”.
In conversations with Fairfax Media, which were also cited in the affidavit, Mr Goldberg had said he did not expect any jihadist to actually carry out an attack because: “These guys are pussy keyboard warriors”.
Fairfax media can also reveal that Goldberg, as Australi Witness, is suspected of a number of other online hoaxes, including posing online as prominent Australian lawyer, Josh Bornstein.
Australi Witness’s online actions might have had fatal real-world consequences in May.
In the leadup to an exhibition in Garland, Texas, at which pictures of the Prophet Mohammed were to be displayed, “Australi Witness” tweeted the event’s address and reposted a tweet urging people to go there with “weapons, bombs or with knifes”.
Two Muslim men attempted an attack at the exhibition, and were killed by police. Australi Witness then praised them online as martyrs.

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Europe Or Die (Full Documentary)

Libya's Descent Into Immigration Chaos

Libya's Migrant Trade: Europe or Die (Trailer)

Please tell the  Somalis, Ethiopians and Eritreans to stop committing suicide by going to Libya, look at this video and see how the Libyans are killing you slowly, these people after they suffer days in the desert they end up in prison with out food.

10 دول عربية الأكثر فى عدد السجناء

5 دول عربية معرضة لأزمة مياة خلال 50 عام قادمة

Israelis run organ-trafficking network

gory ghouls of zion

Organ Donor
 ORGAN DONOR — This involuntary Palestinian donor contributed his body parts so that some Jew might live.
JERUSALEM — An illegal network of organ harvesters and traffickers, which exploits both the organ donors and recipients, has been uncovered in Israel.
According to Haaretz, at least 10 Israeli citizens were arrested for membership in the organ trafficking gang. Investigation into the ring began after representatives of several countries contacted the Israeli authorities and provided them with the names of suspects, who are all Israeli citizens.
In a November report, CNN said that the organs of the individuals trying to enter Israel from the Sinai desert had been trafficked.
The Italian New Generation Foundation for Human Rights and the Everyone Group has presented evidence indicating that Sinai locals harvest the organs of the people they transfer to Israel. In this connection, a number of mass graves have been found containing the corpses of Africans who were missing some of their organs.
Building a better world for future aryan generations 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lagos: Rape Victim, Bites Off Rapist’s Male Organ

African News Today
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Penis Bitten off <a href=';k_id=donchyme&amp;k_bid=e804189e&amp;a_rid=fd04a75e' rel='nofollow' target='_top'>Trendy Female Shoe Brand</a> In a classic case of bush meat catching the hunter, a man alleged to have raped a lady was about two weeks ago in Lagos relieved of his raping tool. It was reported that the young man took his girl friend to his friends house. A few hours after, the lady was said to have rushed out of the house with blood on her cloths shouting that she had been raped and calling for help.
While people were still coming together and getting her some cloths to cover herself properly, the young man also came out crying for help. People were confused because he was drenched in blood. Upon closer examination, it was discovered that his manhood had been severed. He was rushed to the hospital in the hopes of saving the mutilated organ. Doctors however discovered that the severed part was missing. By the time the missing part was searched for and found, it was already dead. The doctor was however said to have gone ahead to sew on the severed part.

This piece of news has no doubt brought tremendous joy to the hearts of many ladies who have before now seethed with annoyance at news of the rape of helpless victims. This victim obviously was not that helpless.

Russia: Putin to U.S – Who Is Godless Now?

African News Today

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Putin to U.S - Who is Godless now As the world continues to react to the decision reached by the U.S Supreme court legalizing same sex marriage, Russian President Vladimir Putin has lent his voice to the debate. In a keynote address, Vladimir said “Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values.” He went on to say that “Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.”
It is note worthy that Putin was a KGB agent under he communist Russia which was basically an atheist state. During the ‘Cold War’ Americans commonly referred to Russia as a godless country. About 20 years later, the table has turned round and it is now Russia that is calling the U.S godless.

Filipino Children as Young as 2 Rescued from Cybersex Trafficking



CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES – A bulky desktop computer sits unplugged on the table in a police station. It looks harmless. But it’s not. It was once used to sell children as young as 2 years old for cybersex in the Philippines.
Over the past week, in two different cases, six children—most under age 7—were rescued from cybersex trafficking rings in the Philippines. The boys and girls were being sexually exploited in images and video broadcast online to customers in over 19 countries on four continents, including the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.
Criminal prosecution of the overseas sex offenders led authorities to the Philippines, where four suspects have been arrested so far for recruiting and exploiting children. IJM assisted international agencies and the Philippine government in both cases, and the search for additional children who may have been victimized continues.
4,000 Images of Children Found
Last month, a British man was convicted in the U.K. for sexually abusing and exploiting children via webcam. The United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency had discovered more than 4,000 images and videos of boys and girls on the man’s laptop in London and traced these back to a cybersex trafficking ring in the Philippines.
The U.K. agency shared the tip, and for the past six months IJM has been working closely with Philippine authorities to pinpoint the ringleaders in the Philippines.
The investigation led to two Filipino women who were exploiting their own children, nephews and nieces, and recruiting other mothers to procure children ranging from 2 to 13 years old. The boys and girls were forced to pose for lewd photos and perform sexual acts on themselves or each other. The British man had often been the one directing the abusive acts via webcam from his home in London.
“Foreign pedophiles like this man exploit the economic vulnerability of Filipino women to satisfy their sexual, and sometimes sadistic, appetites,” explains John Tanagho, deputy director of IJM Cebu.
The Cybersex Ring is Finally Broken
On a rainy morning last week, IJM and Philippine law enforcement officials entered three homes simultaneously and safely removed the children. Three suspects were arrested, including the British man’s alleged partners in crime, and the National Bureau of Investigation seized evidence for forensic examination.
“The victims were mostly quiet in the van, but later they were ready to answer questions. Most of them expressed that they are afraid and ashamed to go back to school after what happened,” said Carmelita Pelone, a senior social worker with IJM Cebu who was on the scene to provide support.
IJM and government social workers stayed with the children throughout the weekend at the temporary shelter where they received crisis care and warm meals.
A few children also shared that there were other victims; thanks to their courage and details they provided, IJM mobilized the National Bureau of Investigations and local officials on Sunday afternoon to rescue two more 8-year-old boys.
Going Undercover to Rescue Others
Just as authorities closed in on the Filipino accomplices, another case surfaced.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement shared a referral with Philippine authorities: An American man is currently on trial in the U.S. for sex crimes in the Philippines, including possessing sexually explicit images and video of children. A Filipino woman was allegedly pimping out girls for sex and sharing explicit images via social media.
On Monday, August 17—the day after IJM completed the first operation—another team of IJM staff assisted the regional anti-cybercrime police with an operation to arrest the suspected trafficker. Charges are still being framed, but she may face penalties for both street-based trafficking and child pornography.
One minor was rescued, but the search for a 10-year-old girl shown in the abusive online photographs continues. This girl is believed to be the suspect’s little sister.
Working Around the Clock
Both cases continue. The rescued children are receiving crisis care at a temporary shelter, while IJM staff and government social workers assess each child’s needs to make a long-term plan. Police have been working around the clock to record statements from the children.
“These kids will need a safe, loving and nurturing environment during their healing process. A shelter that will accommodate and guide them to become mature and responsible individuals,” Pelone says. She adds that these cases represent a growing need for more shelters that are prepared to care for boys. Most shelters for trafficking survivors are set up for girls.
On August 19, two of the Filipino accomplices were charged with child abuse and qualified trafficking, a non-bailable offense with a mandatory life sentence. IJM Cebu lawyers will keep working with local prosecutors to hold the suspects in both cases accountable.
“These cases show that while foreign and Filipino perpetrators seek to sexually exploit children online on a growing scale, IJM is ready and able to support international and Philippine law enforcement to stop the abuse and hold them accountable,” says Tanagho of IJM Cebu.
Despite the terrible nature of the crime, he has hope: “Sustained and specialized law enforcement can prevent the online sexual abuse of millions of Filipino children, just as it has with sex trafficking.”
Watch a local news report on the operation.
International Justice Mission is a global organization that protects the poor from violence throughout the developing world. IJM partners with local authorities to rescue victims of violence, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors, and strengthen justice systems.

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BALKA - Women, Drugs, and HIV in Ukraine