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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wiil Soomaali oo la ooyey dhib ku qabsaday dalka Yeman.

ISIL dogma runs counter to Islam teachings: Chechen leader

Press TV
Thu May 28, 2015 5:57PM
Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov speaks at a rally against the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed by French weekly Charlie Hebdo, in Grozny, January 19, 2015. © AFP
Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov speaks at a rally against the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed by French weekly Charlie Hebdo, in Grozny, January 19, 2015. © AFP
The president of the southern Russian republic of Chechnya says the dogma of the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group is in direct opposition to the Islamic teachings.
"The IS (ISIL) terrorists have nothing to do with Islam. Their path contrasts with our religion. This has been proven by the leading Islam researchers. They are cutting, beheading and shooting innocent people, including Muslims," said Ramzan Kadyrov on Thursday.
The leader of the Muslim-majority Caucasian Republic stated that Takfiri extremism poses a serious threat to the security of the Middle East and Russia.
“The enemies of Russia want to see the Chechen Republic hit by the war … They want explosions to rock here and shootings to be heard every day. And when they see peace and order on the Chechen land, they make information about a mythic threat and escalation of the situation out of thin air,” he pointed out.
The photo shows ISIL Takfiri terrorists in the Syrian city of Idlib, March 29, 2015. © AFP

Kadyrov also touched upon the increasing activity of ISIL affiliates in Chechnya to lure youth into joining the ranks of Takfiri terrorists, saying, “We should do [our] utmost to counter this evil.”
"One of the key tasks for the law enforcement agencies is to prevent the cases of the youth joining the ranks of armed gangs, and namely the IS," he went on to say.
Reports say hundreds of Chechen fighters are now fighting for the ISIL Takfiri terrorists group.
The ISIL terrorist group, with the backing of many Western and regional states, started its campaign of terror in Syria in 2012. The Takfiri militants currently control parts of the Arab country and neighboring Iraq.

Jews Arrested over Organ Trafficking Case: US Kids Organs to feed Israel...

25000 Ukrainian children organs havested in Israel

Ukrainian kids, new victims of Israeli ‘organ theft’

An international Israeli conspiracy to kidnap children and harvest their organs is gathering momentum as another shocking story divulges Tel Aviv’s plot to import Ukrainian children and harvest their organs.

The story brings to light the fact that Israel has brought some 25,000 Ukrainian children into the occupied entity over the past two years in order to harvest their organs. It cites a Ukrainian man’s fruitless search for 15 children who had been adopted in Israel. The children had clearly been taken by Israeli medical centers, where they were used for ‘spare parts’.
The account was unveiled five days ago by a Ukrainian philosophy professor and author, Vyacheslav Gudin, at a pseudo-academic conference in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Gudin told an estimated 300 attendees of the Kiev conference that it was essential that all Ukrainians be made aware of the genocide Israel was perpetrating.
The conference also featured two professors who presented a book blaming “the Zionists” for the Ukrainian famine of the 1930s, as well as the country’s current condition.
Meanwhile, Ukrainians demonstrated outside the Israeli Embassy in Kiev on Tuesday to protest a letter signed by 26 Knesset members (MKs) condemning what they described as anti-Semitic remarks by presidential candidate Sergey Ratushnyak. Protesters chanted ‘Ukraine isn’t the Gaza Strip,’ suggesting that they consider the effort by the Israeli MKs as an intervention in their country.
A story, published in the Arabic-language Algerian daily al-Khabar in September, reported that Interpol, the international police organization, has revealed the existence of ‘a Jewish gang’ that was ‘involved in the abduction of children from Algeria and trafficking of their organs.’
According to the story, bands of Moroccans and Algerians had been roaming the streets of Algerian cities in an attempt to hunt around for young children. They then trafficked the kids across the border into the neighboring Morocco.
The children were then sold to Israelis and American Jews in Oujda, the capital of eastern Morocco, for the purpose of organ harvest in Israel and the United States.
The story is based on statements made by Mustafa Khayatti, head of the Algerian National Committee for the Development of Health Research. Khayatti maintains that the abduction of children in Algeria is linked to arrests made in New York and New Jersey at the end of July, in which several Jewish men were among the 44 arrested in connection to an investigation into illegal organ trafficking and political corruption.
The story comes in line with the article published last month in Aftonbladet, Sweden’s largest circulation daily, suggesting that the Israeli army kidnapped and killed young Palestinians to harvest their organs. It shed light on the case of Bilal Ahmed Ghanem, a 19-year-old Palestinian man, who was shot dead in 1992 by Israeli forces in the West Bank village of Imatin.
Bostrom, who witnessed the man’s killing, said Ghanem’s body was abducted following the shooting and was returned at midnight, during an imposed curfew, several days later by the Israeli military with a cut from the stomach to the neck that had been stitched up.
Bostrom argued that an autopsy would be required if the cause of death was not apparent, while in this case it was clear that Bilal was shot dead.
After that incident, at least 20 Palestinian families told Bostrom that they suspected that the Israeli military had taken the organs of their sons after they had been killed and then taken away by Israeli forces before being dropped back in the area.
And this is not the first time. In July this year there another organ scam by people with contacts in Israel was uncovered in New Jersey, USA. Read the following article from :
New Jersey Mayors, Five Rabbis Arrested in Corruption Probe
By David Voreacos

The rabbis are Saul Kassin, 87, chief rabbi of Sharee Zion, a synagogue in Brooklyn, New York; Eliahu Ben Haim, 58, the principal rabbi of Congregation Ohel Yaacob in Deal, New Jersey; Edmond Nahum, 56, of Deal Synagogue in Deal; Mordchai Fish, 56, of Congregation Sheves Achim in Brooklyn; and Lavel Schwartz, 57, Fish’s brother.
The rabbis were charged with laundering money that often was sent to Israel. They are members of the Syrian Jewish or Hasidic Jewish communities, Marra said at the news conference. Authorities issued a warrant for Schwartz’s arrest. The other four rabbis were arrested yesterday and appeared in court.
“This case uncovered a web of corruption that spanned the state,” Dun said. “All of the individuals were connected through their illicit activities with the undercover witness.”
Kassin is accused of laundering more than $200,000 through Dwek from June 2007 through December 2008 by accepting “dirty checks” from him and exchanging them for “clean” checks, according to prosecutors.
‘Asserts His Innocence’
“The rabbi asserts his innocence,” said Kassin attorney Robert Stahl after U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark Falk imposed a $200,000 bail bond. “It’s a shame that he’s caught up in some misunderstanding. Despite his difficult circumstances, he remains confident that the system of justice will prevail.”
Falk imposed a $1.5 million bail bond and electronic monitoring on Ben Haim. His attorney, Michael O’Donnell, declined comment. Falk set a $700,000 bail bond on Nahum.
“He had no involvement in any scheme as alleged and certainly looks forward to the opportunity to clear his name,” Nahum attorney Justin Walder said. “There’s no profit, no involvement in any international scheme.”
Nahum was implicated by “a person who obviously has his own problems and tried to limit his exposure” to criminal charges, Walder said.
Fish, Schwartz and two other defendants used a charitable, tax-exempt organization called BCG, which was associated with Fish’s synagogue, to launder money by using money transfers, according to the FBI.
“We are confident that the transfers referred to in the complaint will be explained to a jury in a manner that will result in Mr. Fish’s vindication,” saidMichael Bachner, his attorney. He said Dwek “used his closeness and the sterling reputation of his family to manipulate individuals who believed that he would never be involved in illegal conduct.”
Levy-Izhak Rosenbaum, 58, of Brooklyn, was accused of conspiring with others to acquire and trade human organs for use in transplantation. Rosenbaum, who was “purportedly” involved in real estate, was approached by a cooperating witness and an undercover FBI agent about buying a human kidney from a human organ broker, according to the complaint.
Rosenbaum said it would cost $150,000, with half payable up front, according to the complaint. Rosenbaum said some of the money would go to the donor and some to doctors in Israel, according to the complaint.
‘Illegal to Sell’
“One of the reasons it’s so expensive is because you have to shmear (meaning pay various individuals for their assistance) all the time,” according to the complaint. “It’s illegal to buy. It’s illegal to sell.”
Attorneys for Rosenbaum and the other suspects either couldn’t be identified or couldn’t be reached for comment.
Prosecutors charged the men in a series of criminal complaints detailing the allegations. Ben Haim was accused of laundering $1.5 million through the undercover witness, who said he “was engaged in illegal businesses and schemes including bank fraud, trafficking in counterfeit goods and concealing assets and monies in connection with bankruptcy proceedings,” according to an FBI criminal complaint.
Before his 2006 arrest, Dwek deposited two $25 million checks from another account of his, which had a zero balance, prosecutors alleged. Dwek then wired $22.8 million out of PNC, falsely assuring bank officials that he would forward funds to cover the overdraft, according to prosecutors.
$10 Million Bond
Dwek posted a $10 million bond, secured by $3 million in equity in the homes of his mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Dwek was never indicted, instead receiving 17 extensions from a judge to continue the period in which his case had to be presented to a federal grand jury.
Michael Himmel and Christopher Porrino, lawyers for Dwek, didn’t return calls or e-mails requesting comment.
More than 300 agents of the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service arrested the suspects and executed search warrants this morning, according to Dun.
Agents arrested 37 suspects yesterday, two surrendered, and three, including Smith, are expected to surrender tomorrow. Authorities issued arrest warrants for two other suspects.
Agents also searched the house of Joseph Doria, a former Democratic assemblyman and the commissioner of the state Department of Community Affairs. He hasn’t been charged. They also searched the offices of the president of St. Peter’s College, a school in Jersey City, as well as a synagogue in Deal, Dun said.
“Any corruption is unacceptable — anywhere, anytime, by anybody,” New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine, a Democrat seeking re-election against Republican Christopher Christie, the former U.S. attorney in New Jersey, said in a statement.
‘Cannot Be Tolerated’
“The scale of corruption we’re seeing as this unfolds is simply outrageous and cannot be tolerated,” Corzine said.
Doria resigned yesterday at Corzine’s request, the governor’s spokesman said.
The arrests yesterday emerged from an investigation that spans a decade and has led to two earlier roundups.
“New Jersey’s corruption problem is one of the worst, if not the worst, in the country,” FBI supervising agent Ed Kahrer said. “Corruption is a cancer that is destroying the core values of this state and this great nation.”
To contact the reporter on this story: David Voreacos in Newark, New Jersey, at
So why do they do it? One reason is obviously money but there are other explanations such as Professor Israel Shahak’s  in his bookJewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years”:
“ACCORDING TO THE JEWISH religion, the murder of a Jew is a capital offense and one of the three most heinous sins (the other two being idolatry and adultery). Jewish religious courts and secular authorities are commanded to punish, even beyond the limits of the ordinary administration of justice, anyone guilty of murdering a Jew. A Jew who indirectly causes the death of another Jew is, however, only guilty of what talmudic law calls a sin against the ‘laws of Heaven’, to be punished by God rather than by man.
“When the victim is a Gentile, the position is quite different. A Jew who murders a Gentile is guilty only of a sin against the laws of Heaven, not punishable by a court. To cause indirectly the death of a Gentile is no sin at all.
“Thus, one of the two most important commentators on the Shulhan Arukh explains that when it comes to a Gentile, ‘one must not lift one’s hand to harm him, but one may harm him indirectly, for instance by removing a ladder after he had fallen into a crevice .., there is no prohibition here, because it was not done directly: He points out, however, that an act leading indirectly to a Gentile’s death is forbidden if it may cause the spread of hostility towards Jews.
“A Gentile murderer who happens to be under Jewish jurisdiction must be executed whether the victim was Jewish or not. However, if the victim was Gentile and the murderer converts to Judaism, he is not punished.
For more on this visit History, Jewish Religion:

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bangladesh to Join Special Meeting on Human Trafficking

Burma News International

  • Written by Kalandan Press
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Chittagong, Bangladesh: Bangladesh has been invited to join a regional meeting on human trafficking and people smuggling issues to begin in Thailand on 29 May according to the 15 May issue of the Financial Express of Bangladesh.
The special meeting will discuss the fast increasing exodus of migrants through the Bay of Bengal and the people drifting in boats without food and water in Malacca Strait and the coast of South-East Asia.
The Thai foreign ministry said high officials from 15 countries including Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, hosts Thailand, Australia, and the USA will meet in Bangkok on 29 May to discuss the human trafficking crisis.
"The Thai government will host an international conference on “unusual” migration in the Indian Ocean on 29 May in Bangkok, Thailand has invited countries  such as Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bangladesh etc", the deputy government spokesman Major General Sansern Kaewkamnerd said.
“The special meeting   is an urgent call for the region to work together to address the unprecedented increase of irregular migration,” the ministry said in a statement, according to the Bangkok Post.
"It is now urgent for Bangladesh to hold talks immediately with Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia to bust the regional trafficking Syndicates operating in this human trade", the Financial Express stated.
It is hard to understand how they could evade the watchful eyes of the Coast Guards, the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), and other security forces in Cox’s Bazar and other Coastal areas and go on disastrous journeys.
Furthermore, massive mass awareness programs in the coastal districts of Bangladesh need to be carried out so that people are not deceived by traffickers anymore.
This crisis has unquestionably been caused by the Burmese Government and its appalling treatment of a segment and its own population whom it treats as intruders.
However, Zaw Htay, director of Myanmar’s presidential office, said his leaders would not attend if the word “Rohingya” was used in the invitation, as they did not recognize the term.
Major Zaw Htay, the director of the office of Myanmar’s president said to the Associated Press News Agency (AP): “We are not ignoring the migrant problem, but our leaders will decide whether to attend the meeting based on what is going to be discussed.” He added: “We will not accept the allegations by some that Myanmar is the source of the problem.”
“It is international organizations which have to talk with Myanmar, rather than put pressure on Thailand to shoulder the sole responsibility of looking after migrants,” said Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha, responding to a report that Myanmar may snub the regional conference to be held in Bangkok on 29 May to address the “root causes” of the flow of migrants, according to the Bangkok Post.
“We cannot force any country to attend. Every country is equal in dignity. Thailand is only in the middle of the [migrants’] route. We only hope to bring peace to the region,” General Prayuth said.
The Burmese presidential office director Zaw Htay said: “The root cause [of the crisis] is increasing human trafficking. The problem of the migrant graves is not a Myanmar problem. It’s because of the weakness of human-trafficking prevention and the rule of law in Thailand.”
“However, international organisations must find out where the migrants come from and what hardships they face, and why they have to migrate. If they are poor, should this be fixed?,” Gen Prayuth added, according to the Bangkok Post.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Child Organ Harvesting And Trafficking-Linked Arrest Made In Mexico


Posted: Updated:

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Police in Mexico's western state of Michoacan detained an alleged member of the Knights Templar cartel who is suspected of kidnapping children to harvest their organs, an official said Monday.

Michoacan state Public Safety Secretary Carlos Castellanos Becerra alleged that Manuel Plancarte Gaspar was part of the cartel's organ-trafficking ring. The ring would kidnap children and take them to rented homes with medical equipment where their organs were removed, Castellanos Becerra charged.
"We have several statements in open investigations that point to a network of several suspects who would identify people with certain characteristics, especially children, and kidnap them," he said.
Castellanos Becerra said the cases go back several years, but he said he couldn't give any specific details or discuss evidence because the investigation is still open.
Plancarte Gaspar, 34, was detained last week along with another suspect in a stolen car. The men also had some crystal meth, Castellanos Becerra said. He said Plancarte Gaspar is the nephew of Enrique Plancarte Solis, a top Knights Templar leader.
Hours before the announcement, a leader of one of the local vigilante groups that sprang up last year in Michoacan to challenge the cartel's control told a radio station that people in the area knew the Knights Templar gang was involved in organ trafficking because several children had been rescued in his town while being transported in a refrigerated container inside a van.
"They were inside a refrigerated box, tightly wrapped in blankets," Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles, leader of the civilian "self-defense" group in Tepalcatepec, said in a morning interview with MVS radio.
Mireles said the van carrying the children was headed to the port city of Lazaro Cardenas and ended up in Tepalcatepec after making a wrong turn.
"They were all children from the same Mexico City school," he said.
He said the children's parents had allowed them to go on an outing to the beach when they were likely kidnapped. He said the children were turned over to their parents who traveled to Tepalcatepec.
Mireles didn't say when the children were rescued and didn't answer his cellphone Monday.
Mexican authorities have said drug trafficking is no longer the top source of income for the Knights Templar, which was once a top producer of crystal meth. The officials say the cartel's main sources of income are illegal mining, illegal logging and extortion.

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Trafficking of human body parts suspected after FBI raids two Chicago area businesses

Posted: Jan 14, 2015 5:44 AM Updated: Jan 28, 2015 5:44 AM


CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -- Two FBI raids occurred Tuesday in the Chicago area, and they appear to be linked to the illegal sale and trafficking of human body parts.
The two raids took place at an office building in Rosemont and a crematorium in Schiller Park.
Around noon, federal agents began putting up yellow crime scene tape blocking off the scene. Authorities all day long took out boxes and bags of evidence. Some people were also wearing hazmat suits.
The FBI had no comment, but they will confirm that there is an ongoing investigation.
Neighboring businesses said that the crematorium has been in that location at least 10 years, and that while they're used to having a crematorium down the street, what happened on Tuesday is out of the ordinary.
“It is a little exciting and kind of concerning. Anytime the FBI is on your street, you're always looking out the window to see what's going on, but we have no idea what's going on there,” said Ryan O'Leary. “We do see some smoke pop up which is a little odd, but it's part of the business.”
Federal agents have been on the scene for at least 10 hours, but at this point are not releasing any specifics.
FOX 32's Larry Yellen has been looking at the companies where searches were conducted and has more on why the feds are interested.
The investigation is being run by the FBI out of Detroit, and has now led to similar raids in Oregon, Arizona and Michigan.
In December of 2013, FBI agents raided an industrial warehouse east of Detroit. Just like the crematorium in Schiller Park, agents donned hazmat uniforms. Their focus was whether a former University of Michigan professor who owned the warehouse had been involved in selling stolen body parts.
One month later, the Biological Resource Center of Arizona was raided. That company was also involved in the body parts trade, but it's owner has denied any wrongdoing. In that case, a different scam's been suggested. Families would tell the companies they want to donate bodies to science. The companies test the bodies, find out some are too diseased for sale, but then go ahead and sell them for research anyway.
The owners of the two companies raided in the Chicago area are Donald Green and his son, Donald Green II. Both are prominent figures in in the funeral industry in Chicago. Their Biological Resource Center of Illinois, or BRCI, is not related to the Arizona company with a similar name, but the feds do want to know if their companies were engaged in the same alleged practices.
A company lawyer issued a statement Tuesday about the government probe, saying "...we are confident that its investigation will show that BRCI employs standards and practices that exceed industry and government requirements, and that we provide an important service to both our donor-families and the medical community."

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Asian countries towing migrants back out to sea

The nightmare of a Mediterranean Somalia

The two latest incidents off the coast of Libya involved a Turkish cargo ship, a Greek oil tanker and the Libyan military. These dramas prove once again the situation in this part of the Mediterranean is not simply a refugee matter.
As Libya falls deeper into chaos and its political future remains unpredictable, Europe is in danger.
Greece and Turkey cannot control the situation, which is now in the hands of warlords and organised crime.
First of all, there is the huge humanitarian question about the fate of the countless refugees, from all parts of Africa, who are trying to reach Europe’s “promised land”.
It has become clear and more obvious now that Europe cannot absorb the massive arrival of refugees knocking at its door.
Secondly, organised criminal organisations are largely involved in the smuggling of refugees. But that’s not all. 
Other trade goods, from drugs to arms and illegal cigarettes, are finding new ways to enter European countries.
Organised crime has many faces since the armed jihadist groups cooperate with Libyan partners, African warlords and possibly European mafias.
But there’s more.
Libya’s ensuing chaos is a direct threat against European security.
The Libyan military forces are trying to protect the new ‘commerce’ through their harbours.
Remember what happened in Somalia? Even though there are not too many similarities, there are many common factors that can be found.
Libya is becoming a warlord state where these criminals prosper and are able to maintain their armies thanks to the smuggling of humans – regardless of whether they are sex slaves or refugees.
This means terrorists can reach European soil disguised as refugees.
This also means a part of the ‘fleet’ now used for the transport of refugees could be transformed into pirate boats.  The recent piracy cases reported in this part of the Mediterranean are a worrying turn of events.
Many similar incidents against European boats have been reported in recent months.
There is no one in Libya now who can put an end to this nightmare. In addition, there is evidence that Libyan forces will somehow protect their compatriots.
Since it is difficult to distinguish the legal from the illegal, anything is possible in Libya.
The risk of the Libyan coast transforming into a kind of ‘Mediterranean Somalia’ is very possible.
This part of the Mediterranean already shows signs of a battlefield. And for the first time after decades of peace in the Mediterranean, its waters hide deadly threats.
Since it is no longer a humanitarian issue but a security one, the European Union should elaborate a more accurate policy.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Magic charcoal oven COOKS WELL JIKO MAKING MIshkaki

Rohingya migrants' boat rescued off Indonesia

Many of the rescued migrants were suffering from exhaustion and lack of food after the voyage
Nearly 600 people believed to be Bangladeshis and Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar have been rescued from boats drifting in Indonesian waters.
At least two overcrowded boats - with many women and children on board - were towed by local fishermen to the shores of Aceh province on Sunday.
Myanmar - also known as Burma - refuses to recognise Rohingya as citizens.
Hundreds of thousands have fled persecution in recent years, often through Thailand but also by sea.
Officials said at least 50 people needed hospital treatment
Indonesian authorities and aid agencies believe the rescued group had been at sea for about a week.
They may have been trying to reach Malaysia, said Steve Hamilton of the International Organisation for Migration.
He said on Sunday that four boats in total were thought to have come ashore.
"People thought they were in Malaysia, it [turned out] they were in Indonesia. They were left behind by the smugglers."
Aceh provincial rescue chief Budiawan told AFP news agency on Sunday: "We received a report from fishermen this morning that there were boat people stranded."
"We despatched teams there and evacuated 469 migrants who are Rohingya from Myanmar and Bangladeshis. So far, all of them are safe."
North Aceh police chief Achmadi said at least 50 of the rescued people were taken to hospital.
"In general, they were suffering from starvation and many were very thin."
Those rescued off Indonesia include many women and children
It is thought the group may have been trying to reach Malaysia
One migrant, Rashid Ahmed, told the Associated Press he was a Rohingya and had left Myanmar's Rakhine state three months ago with his son.
"We had nothing to eat. All we could do was pray," he said.
Rohingya Muslims have been fleeing sectarian violence in Myanmar for many years.
In December, the UN passed a resolution urging Myanmar to give access to citizenship for the Rohingya, many of whom are classed as stateless.
The organisation estimates some 25,000 Rohingya and Bangladeshis have boarded smugglers' boats between January and March this year, double the amount as over the same period last year.

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Sex-Slave Smuggling Route into Israel

The Journey: A short film on sex trafficking PT1

21st Century Sex Slaves Documentary Human Trafficking 360p Extraordinary...

21st Century Sex Slaves Documentary Human Trafficking 360p Extraordinary...

2014 Overview of Human Trafficking in Oklahoma

Human Trafficking in India

ʬ Documentary incroyable¤choc¤ HD Guns, Germs, and Steel: Into the Afric...

Coolies: How British Reinvented Slavery

Discovery Channel Slave Ship

The Transatlantic Slave Trade : What did lead to an african participation ?

The Cookie Raid: Community Organizing Frees Teen Slaves from Bakery

Friday, May 8, 2015

Thailand wants meeting with Myanmar, Malaysia over human trafficking crisis


Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha on Friday called for a three-way meeting with neighbors Malaysia and Myanmar to try to resolve a regional human trafficking crisis following the discovery of a mass grave in the country's far south.Thirty-three bodies, believed to be migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh, have been found in shallow graves over the past week in Songkhla province, near the Malaysian border. Three suspected trafficking camps have also been found.
"I have ordered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to liaise with Malaysia and Myanmar to hold a meeting to resolve this," Prayuth told reporters. "We think this meeting can be held by the end of this month."
Police General Aek Angsananont, deputy commissioner-general of the Royal Thai Police, said, so far, eight people have been arrested - seven Thais and a Myanmar national - suspected of having links to human trafficking networks.
A "top figure" in a regional trafficking network had been arrested, police added, without providing details.
Thousands of migrants, including Rohingya Muslims from western Myanmar and from Bangladesh, brave perilous journeys by sea and land to escape religious and ethnic persecution and in search of work abroad.
They are often trafficked through Thailand, a predominantly Buddhist country, and taken into the country's jungles, where traffickers demand ransoms to release them or smuggle them across the border to mainly Muslim Malaysia.
"This problem needs to be solved from the starting point which means Bangladesh and Rakhine [state] in Myanmar," said Prayuth.
Myanmar's permanent secretary at the Ministry of Immigration Myint Kyaing said Myanmar had not yet been contacted about the meeting.
"I think we would be interested to take part in that meeting if they officially invited us," said Win Naing Tun, deputy chief of Myanmar's anti-human trafficking police.
Malaysia's foreign ministry spokesman was unable to provide a response when contacted by Reuters.
The United States, which has censured Thailand for failing to act against human trafficking, called on Monday for a speedy and credible inquiry into the discovery of the mass grave.
Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, during an official visit to Thailand, on Friday commended Thailand for its "timely response" to the discovery of the mass grave and suspected trafficking camps.
"This is a very tragic finding. These atrocities must be stopped," Bishop told Reuters.
(Reporting by Aukkarapon Niyomyat and Pracha Hariraksapitak; Additional reporting by Pairat Temphairojana in BANGKOK, Aung Hla Tun in YANGON and Praveen Menon in KUALA LUMPUR; Writing by Amy Sawitta Lefevre; Editing by Jeremy Laurence)

Boko Haram’s Sex Slaves?

Africa in Transition

Campbell tracks political and security developments across sub-Saharan Africa.

by John Campbell
May 7, 2015
A girl who was freed by the Nigerian army from Boko Haram militants in the Sambisa forest looks on at the Malkohi camp for internally displaced people in Yola, Nigeria, May 3, 2015 (Afolabi Sotunde/Courtesy Reuters). A girl who was freed by the Nigerian army from Boko Haram militants in the Sambisa forest looks on at the Malkohi camp for internally displaced people in Yola, Nigeria, May 3, 2015 (Afolabi Sotunde/Courtesy Reuters).


Boko Haram has kidnapped hundreds, perhaps thousands of young women, of whom the Chibok school girls are only the most well-known. Now, many of these girls are being rescued by the Nigerian army after having been abandoned by retreating Boko Haram operatives.
So, why did Boko Haram kidnap so many girls in the first place? Invoking 7th century Islamic practice as its justification, Boko Haram claims that the wives and daughters of “infidels” or “pagans” are legitimate “booty,” and thus they can be sold into slavery. But, keeping so many girls alive must have been a logistical burden. Up to now, conventional wisdom has been that the kidnapped victims either became “wives” of Boko Haram fighters, domestic servants, or other support personnel. Some of the women have been indoctrinated and have become fighters or suicide bombers.
Recently, Borno’s governor Kashim Shettima provided another reason. He suggested that Boko Haram operatives deliberately impregnated women for ideological reasons: “These people have a certain spiritual conviction that any child they father will grow to inherit their ideology whether they live with the children or not.” So, kidnapped “wives” have ostensibly become a Boko Haram recruitment strategy.
It has been argued, that Boko Haram’s core ideology and mannerisms adhere closely to 7th century Islam. If Governor Shettima is correct, however, and Boko Haram operatives believe that their children will inherit their “ideology” from an absent father, then the movement has adopted at least one practice very far from 7th century Islamic teaching, as usually understood.
Opinions expressed on CFR blogs are solely those of the author or commenter, not of CFR, which takes no institutional positions.