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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hamilton police arrest pair on sex-trafficking of two women Logo

Two men are facing human trafficking charges after being arrested at a Hamilton hotel.
Hamilton police human trafficking Detective Derek Mellor made the arrest Wednesday after being called to the hotel.
Mellor said police got a tip that a girl was in trouble. When he arrived at the hotel, he was able to match the description of the woman to an online sex ad.
Police heard crying from inside a hotel room shortly before the arrest. There were two victims in the hotel.
Mellor said the victims are both women in their early 20s who had been groomed or were in the process of being groomed to work as prostitutes. He alleges the pimps coerced the victims for more than a week and were collecting all of the money.
Cliff-Dean Simons, 33, of Mississauga and Jermaine Edwards, 25, of Hamilton are facing charges of human trafficking, living off the avails of prostitution, receiving material benefit from the commission of a crime and procuring a person for prostitution.
Mellor said he believes there may be more victims.
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