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Sunday, January 6, 2013

5-man human trafficking racket busted

Kuwait Times

KUWAIT: Five people were arrested in connection with a major forgery racket that was involved in selling forged work permits to Asian laborers. According to report, the five released 20 work permits using a suspended license. Investigations got went underway as per directions from the Interior Ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for Immigration Affairs, Major General Abdullah Al-Rashid, who received information about a cleaning company involved in human trafficking. The information indicated that the company’s license was used to issue a forged request to hire drivers, based on which a number of work permits were issued and then they were sold to expatriate laborers. The laborers in turn used the forged permits to land in Kuwait without being offered a job.
Migration department detectives first contacted the labor department and found out that the company in question was in suspension. The company’s owner was summoned for investigations during which he divulged information about an Arab man he had hired as a manager for the company and was given authority to sign labor-related documents. The manager was also placed under arrest who admitted that he was working with four other Arab men in forging labor-related documents. Further investigations revealed that the racket collected a total of KD 4,000 from 20 workers, KD200 from each, who came to Kuwait using the fake driver permits. The five suspects will remain in custody pending trial

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