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Monday, April 22, 2019

A family from Kakamega calls for help to bring back their kin stuck in Saudi Arabia

Everlyne Saliku Onamu has been wounded after she went to Saudi Arabia to look for greener pastures. Her family members are appealing to the government to help them bring her back. [Duncan Ocholla/Standard]
A family from Eshisiru in Lurambi sub-county has called on the Government to help it bring home their kin stuck in Saudi Arabia.

 Everlyne Saliku Onamu, 40, travelled to the Middle East in 2015 in search of a job but is now wandering the streets of Saudi Arabia. “She was excited about the prospects of landing a job, which could enable her support her children,” said Irene Onamu, her elder sister. According to Irene, her sister was among several other women from the county hired through an agent in Nairobi to take up domestic jobs in the Arab state. The family said the agent has apparently gone underground, offering little hope that her sister will come back home. “We recently learnt that my sister was in big trouble when photos showing her wandering in Saudi Arabia went viral on social media, she looked fatigued, dirty, weak and lost,” said Irene. Everlyne is believed to have fallen ill in October 2018 the time during which the family lost touch with her completely. The family said her employer threw her out on the streets and never paid a penny.

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