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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In Canada, human trafficking only costs a pimp three years in jail

Human Rights Examiner

June 14, 4:03 PMHuman Rights ExaminerYoungbee Dale
Canada's fans cheer as they wait  for the beginning of a  soccer match between Argentina and Canada in Buenos Aires, Monday, May 24, 2010. Argentina faces Canada on a friendly game ahead of June's World Cup in South Africa. (AP Photo/ Eduardo Di Baia)
This morning, Toronto Sun reported a case on a pimp who treated a 19 year old victim like an animal but were able to get away with 3 years in prison. He forced her into stripping and take away all of her earnings for a week. As outrageous as the judge was when hearing her story, she said that  3 years long jail sentence would not only to punish the criminals but also to protect the victim who is "in desperate need of protection." Regardless of what values the judge believed the three years would serve for anyone, it serves no retributory purpose on behalf of the rights of the victim. 
The victim was treated worse than an animal
No animal in Canada would have been treated as bad as the victim, Lisa. If it did, it would be in violation of their animal rights regulation. Lisa came from  Edmonton to Toronto after meeting a man on the internet. When she arrived, the man took Lisa to a woman who took Lisa to a strip club, where Lisa met William, a 24 years old pimp. Against her will, William coerced Lisa into stripping and took away $1500 earnings from her every week. When she tried to escape, William chased her and grabbed her hair and dragged her back to the condo. William beat her up as soon as they entered the condo. When Lisa screamed, he chocked Lisa until she became unconscious. When Lisa was awake, she wanted to kill herself. As a result of the violence, Lisa had trouble sleeping and experience low self-esteem and confusion. She also began binge drinking to self-medicate, and suffered from nightmare. She also suffers from the depression.
William's attorney says three years in prison is too long 
William's attorney believes that 3 years is too long for a such a young man like William to spend in jail. Of course, this is regardless of his membership in a human trafficking gang and his previous charges. Meanwhile, Lisa is probably stuck with a life long consequence from the human trafficking incident. Given her binge drinking and suffering nightmare and depression, it is more than likely that she will have to be in multiple counseling sessions for a long time. Her low self-esteem will probably affect her relationship with her marriage life as well as her parenting hood. In three years later, William can go back to his little gangster friends and start his business all over again. However, in three years later, Lisa is more than likely to be dealing with the same pain because of William's abuse. Lisa didn't do a thing to deserve to be chocked by William until she is unconscious. Nor did she do a thing to be treated as a slave. But, the justice refuses to speak up for retribution on behalf of her rights. Now, tell me if 3 years in jail is long enough. 

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