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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prostitution scandal in Bahrain - الدعارة في البحرين


  1. Hi,
    in 2009 I started an investigation about human trafficking for sexual exploitation. At first I reported a Thailady missing in Bahrain. I had given the police all the informations about the Lady including passportcopys, Tickets to Bahrain,the Hotels where she was captured Frsan Placa, Sidney Towers etc. Nothing happened. Why because the Police and the Immigration are in the bussines. Nearly every Indian Taxidriver is a pimp who is delivering the Ladies under the patronage of the police. I have given also the informations to the Thaipolice because in the moment are nearly 10 000 Thailadies on a 14day
    Visas, for more than one year in Bahrain.
    After I informed a human rights group I had some success. Many Ladies where brought back to Thailand a few crooks are in prison.
    But the missing Lady is still not found.
    In November she was seen last at the "Honeys" Thairestaurant in the soukh area.
    If somebody wants to fight with me against this
    crimes let me know.

    1. Contact me under my E-Mailadress!!!!!!!!!!

  2. HI Robert.
    If you want we can do it together, if you can get pictures, and police report or any kind of truth and evidence, we can make a documentary out of it easily, and turn it into news worldwide. we can give it a try, thanks for you comment.