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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Two women appear for human trafficking


Sapa | 29 July, 2011 16:35

Two Chinese women facing charges that include human trafficking and running a brothel, made their third appearance in the Parow Regional Court.

They were not asked to plead, and their case was postponed to August 26.
Because they face charges of a sexual nature, they may not be named until their trial commences.
One is aged 39 and the other 34, and both were arrested during a combined police and municipal vice squad swoop on a house in Marais Street, Goodwood, in February.
At their scheduled second appearance in the Regional Court on July 13, only the younger one was in the dock, and prosecutor Francine Ruben informed the court that her co-accused was back in custody after her arrest the night before on similar charges.
At Friday's proceedings, before magistrate Elsa van Zyl, both were in the dock together.
Both had earlier been released on R5 000 bail by the Goodwood District Court, and the older woman was out on bail when she was re-arrested.
Defence attorney Oscar Katz has launched a second bail application on her behalf, in the Goodwood District Court, and this resumes before magistrate Sean Lea on Friday, August 5.
They face 13 charges, including two of trafficking in persons for sexual purposes, two of involvement in human trafficking for sexual purposes, two of kidnapping and one of keeping a brothel between January 22 and February 9.
During the first police swoop, two young Chinese women were rescued who had been lured to South Africa by false promises of lucrative jobs, and then forced into prostitution.
Last week, the Pretoria Regional Court jailed for life a convicted human trafficker, Adina dos Santos, who trafficked three girls from Mozambique, aged between 14 and 18.

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