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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Alarming rise in human trafficking

A LATEST media report has highlighted the growing menace of human trafficking and the urgent need to take measures to check it through a coordinated and firm approach. According to the report, human traffickers threw 10 Pakistanis in sea on not getting money from them. Bodies of three of them, who were going for greener pasture to Greece, reached Gujrat sending shock waves among people while the alleged trafficker and his accomplices have gone underground.

Human trafficking is going on unchecked since 1950 but regrettably despite a chain of regulatory bodies and law enforcing agencies, the cruel practice is still flourishing, as the influential and organized mafia is minting money at the cost of life-long savings and even life of the poor. Traffickers, their modus operandi and the routes used by them are fully known to the authorities concerned but corruption obviates any effective action against the crime. Three main frequent routes used by traffickers in Pakistan include Makran Coast, Thar and porous border with Afghanistan besides the sea routes of Karachi, Ormara, Pasni Gwadar and Jiwani to get to the Gulf. According to a study carried out by a reputed NGO, illegal recruiting agents, corrupt officials, parents, family, friends, relatives and the community are main actors involved in trafficking process, adding, the public departments that can aid or abet this process may include immigration authorities, travel agents and passport issuing authorities. There are also allegations that human trafficking in Pakistan is aided or facilitated by some influential figures. The problem can be resolved through a comprehensive strategy involving measures like purging the relevant agencies of corrupt elements, effective monitoring of their operations, streamlining of immigration procedures, strengthening border control, addressing the issue of poverty, ensuring provision of basic education and skills and launching an all-out awareness campaign.

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