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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Women rapists terrorise men in Zimbabwe


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Posted  Monday, August 8  2011 at  20:15
In Summary
  • Hunt on for gang of three that has been forcing young men to have sex with them

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Harare, Monday
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Police in Zimbabwe are on the trail of a group of women who have been raping men, usually at gunpoint, since last year.
Cases of men who have been sexually abused by women are common in the country and hardly a week passes without such a report being made in the media.
The motives of these women are not known, but there is speculation that they may be doing this for ritual purposes.
Indecently assaulting
“We appeal to members of the public to pass any information to the police regarding three women who have gone on a spree of kidnapping and indecently assaulting young men around town,” Harare police boss Angeline Guvamombe said in a statement.
“The women drive in posh cars and offer their unsuspecting victims lifts before spraying some liquid substance on their faces.
“Once the victim is drowsy, he is taken to a secluded place or house where he is forced to have sex,” said Ms Guvamombe. “I want to warn these criminals that their days are numbered,” she added.
On Monday, the Herald reported that two men were kidnapped last week and forced to have sex with women at gunpoint.
In one of the incidents, a 30-year-old man was kidnapped by three women and forced to have sex with them for five days.
In some cases, the women use protection and collect the men’s sperm, leading to speculation that they were in the activity for ritual purposes.
At times, the women are helped by armed men.
Since the strange rape cases began sometime last year, no one has been arrested.
Police have said the women cannot be charged with rape because Zimbabwean law does not recognise that women can rape men.
But they will be charged with indecent assault, which carries a lesser sentence.

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