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Monday, August 1, 2011

Inside Story - The silent victims of rape

Inside Story

Hundreds of thousands of men have been raped, but it is such a taboo that few know the full extent of the crime.
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Hundreds of thousands of men have been raped by other men. Some of them have been gang-raped repeatedly and over a period of many years.
It is a sex crime that is so common the numbers almost equal that of female victims during times of war.
It is a double taboo with hidden victims. And it is a secret so well kept that even the UN has been accused of overlooking it.
So, why have the silent victims of this crime been ignored for so long? And what legal resources and support should they be given?

Inside Story discusses with guests: Louise Aubin, the deputy director of international protection at the UNHCR; Chris Dolan, the director of the Refugee Law Project; and Will Storr, contributing writer for the Guardian and the author of The Rape of Men.

Al Jazeera

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