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Friday, August 5, 2011


Teacher arrested for having sex with a student at Miami Jackson bonds out of jail.

A teacher accused with having sex with a 16-year-old student bonded out of jail Thursday following her arrest a day earlier.
Waleska Velasquez, 29, a science teacher at Miami Jackson Senior High, is charged with three counts of having sex with a minor.
Police say Velasquez has confessed to having sexual relations with the student starting in August of 2009 and continuing through 2010. The teen is now 17.
Velasquez admitted to police to showering the boy with gifts, cash and a cell phone she used to send him romantic letters along with photos of herself nude and in sexy lingerie.
Teacher and student had sex in three locations, including Jackson High and the parking lot of Allapattah Middle School. Police did not disclose the third location.
Miami-Dade schools spokesman John Schuster said Velasquez was hired by the district in 2007. In light of her arrest, the district "will work toward a swift termination," he said.
"The district regularly reminds staff that personal relationships with students are unethical, forbidden by school board rules and may be illegal, as in this instance," Schuster added.
The Florida Department of Children and Family Services began investigating the illicit affair after receiving a call from an anonymous sources.

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